There are many different options available for pinched nerve treatment.  A pinched nerve can affect your back, neck, legs, and arms.  This pain can literally be debilitating depending on your pain tolerance.

Preventative Pinched Nerve Measures

Use a Quality Mattress

A good mattress can protect your back while you are in bed for many hours during the night.  It can support your body and is important in helping to relieve stress on the muscles and joints of the back.

Use a Quality Chair

A good chair will provide proper lumbar pressure.  The right amount of pressure will keep the curve of the spine supported in the correct position.  If your chair does not provide proper lumbar support, you can purchase an insert to provide this support.  However, it is important that you do not purchase one that is too large because too much lumbar support can compress and irritate the spine.

You can also purchase an ergonomic style chair that can be adjusted.  Properly adjusting your chair is important.  Adjust the height of your chair so that your feet rest comfortably on the floor.  Adjust the tilt angle of the seat to change the position of your pelvis.  Tilt the front of the seat downward to bring your lower back into extension, which can increase the lower lumbar curve.  If you need to decrease the lower lumbar curve, tilt the front of the seat upward.

Non-Surgical Pinched Nerve Treatment Options

Soft Back Brace

A back brace can help to support fatigued muscles and temporarily relieve irritated tissue in the initial stage of the pinched nerve.  However, it is important that you do not use a back brace for an extended period of time.  If you wear it too long, it can weaken your back musculature because the muscles will begin to rely on the brace for good posture.   Find a brace that puts pressure directly over the irritated area only.  This will protect the tissue, but will also allow the rest of your back muscles to be used.

Traction Devices

While traction devices can be helpful for a pinched nerve, it is important that you do not use unless they have been prescribed by your doctor.  You can obtain lumbar traction through different products.  A chiropractor can use a traction device to produce a pumping motion that can act like a vacuum to pull any protruded disc material inward while opening any compressed canals in the spine.

Ultrasound Pinched Nerve Treatment

An ultrasound can stimulate proper tissue healing.  When a pinched nerve has caused soft tissue irritation to the back, an ultrasound can generate crystal vibrating inside the head of the ultrasound and then can be transmitted through sound, which conducts gel to the tissue.  The sound waves will break down unwanted scar tissue, increase circulation to this area, and help to relax the musculature.

Ice Packs

Ice can help to reduce inflammation and numb the pain associated with a pinched nerve.  However, ice can temporarily tighten the musculature even more.  Do not use ice longer than 20 minutes as this will cause a reversal action that can allow the tissue to become more inflamed.  It is recommended that you combine a brace and ice gel pad for lower back inflammation.  This will help to put more firm pressure over the irritated area.  This will also provide support over the injured area while providing ice pinched nerve therapy.

Hot Packs

These are useful for increasing the circulation and loosening up the muscle tissue.  Hold off on using heat pinched nerve therapy until three days after the onset of the pinched nerve.  This will give the swelling time to go down since heat can increase the inflammation in muscles.  Moist heat is a better option than dry heat because there is less of a risk for dehydration to the musculature.  Use a moist heat pack that contains beads that activate upon being heated in a microwave to give off moist steam without having to add water.

Topical Analgesics Pinched Nerve Treatment

There are a variety of over-the-counter sports creams, ointments, and sprays that have analgesic properties that can help to control the pain.  They do not have intestinal side-effects.  Look for pinched nerve treatment that contains menthol as the active ingredient because it works to block the pain receptors, which can help to relieve pain in the soft tissue and joints.


Surgery is an option for pinched nerve treatment.  It will be the absolute last option your doctor will recommend as pinched nerve treatment.